Friday, 22 August 2014

freebie friday

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever you may be! today it is of course freebie friday time, and i have a lovely art print for you this week.

this is one of my gts designs (which i shared with you on tuesday). simply click on the picture mock up to view, download and save your printable. i would recommend printing onto photo paper or canvas paper.

it would look lovely framed in a conservatory especially.

have a fanstastic day lovelies and a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

going tribal

signed art print available here.

hey there lovelies and a very happy thursday to you, wherever you may be.

today i wanted to share with you some of my designs for brief 2 of the make it in design summer school challenge.

i had to get designing these pretty quickly before we headed off to ireland (as photoshop isn't as easy to manage on my little netbook!) but i managed to get them submitted well before the deadline.

i'm sharing today my initial sketches - i actually used these to create a pattern (which i can't share until i'm sure the brief has been completed and all entries submitted). so i'll save the final pattern for another day ;)

anyhoo, the theme for this challenge was tribal, and i had so much fun with the patterns and designs for this one. it was kind of like zentangling - and therefore a great way to relax and let go!

again, i wanted to make this brief more my own, so i made a tribal faceless girl (above) full of gorgeous pattern and colour. i really loved making her - especially her hair!

signed art print available here.

of course it wouldn't be me at all if there wasn't a kitty involved somehow! here is my tribal kitty! again, full to the brim with patterns and colour.

for the final brief i combined both of these images into a pattern - which was awesome. i am really pleased with the final product and i'll definitely share it with you when i can.

i also wanted to share with you my final design for brief 1 - this is the one i submitted as my entry into the challenge:

signed art print version available here.

the theme for brief 1 was tropical and i really loved this kitty shimmying with his pineapples! as i know this brief has definitely closed i am ok to share my final design with you.

all of this design work has got me a little addicted to creating patterns with my illustrations i have to confess!

because of this i have had a go at starting a spoonflower account! you can find me here. i have all of my MIID patterns featured there, but not for sale as yet (as the little samples are still being printed and sent to me). i'll let you know once they are for sale. i can't wait to see the samples though - i am hoping they are just as cute as they look on the screen!

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

wednesday wonders

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share another link love post with you.

life has been so busy here lately, with design competitions, ecourses and so many other wonderful events, that i have been squirreling away lovely links but not having the chance to share them with you.

i've had so much to share from my own life i haven't made the time to share the good stuff i found online!

so, here's my round up of great links from across the interwebz. enjoy!

first up, this gorgeous lifebook lesson from tam at willowing is available for free for a limited time. make sure you get yours while you can!

i've been enjoying learning to weave (pics coming soon!) and this is my inspiration. i am going to start a beginner's weaving group locally too!

this site is awesome, because we all need some positive news for a change, right?!

this is a handy site for all wiccans who might be wondering about herb substitutions (and a whole host of other questions!).

this tutorial saved my life! have you ever tried to draw around the edge of a picture in photoshop to make the background transparent then ended up with the most horrible jagged edges? this tutorial makes it all so very simple :)

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

terrarium times

hey there lovelies and a very happy tuesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some of my design ideas for my entry into the lilla rogers global talent search.

the deadline for brief number 1 was yesterday, and i submitted my final design about a week ago actually (i am really crazily productive lately - not sure why!).

anyhoo, i can't reveal my final design until after the round has been judged and i find out whether i made it through to round 2 (will find out on tuesday 26th august - wish me luck!). but, i can share with you my two also-ran designs i created for the initial brief.

i decided to take the terrarium theme and (as i did for the MIID summer school brief 1) make it my own. and by make it my own i obviously mean "add in kitties"!!

so, in the above picture you can see i created a nice shaded area in my terrarium for a cute little black furry kitty. i really enjoyed creating the giant-sized plant drawings (in comparison to the kitty anyway) and the idea that if i made a real terrarium (which i totally should - genius idea!) it would all be in miniature. so cute.

for my other idea i took a quote from shakespeare's macbeth as my starting point. i actually thought this one up lying in bed and couldn't wait to get up the next morning and get drawing it! here we have a cute little witch lady heading on back to her country cottage on the hill with her kitty. the moon and stars? just because!

i love this one too, and had the hardest time choosing which to submit.

the third design came out the favourite though, and i will share it with you once i can. i just hope i picked the right one!

anyhoo, wish me luck for being picked! it would be amazing to go through to the next round - they whittle the entries down from around 3000 to just 50 going through, so that would be a major honour.

i've really enjoyed the design work i have done for both challenges this summer and have been in my element creating patterns and designs to a brief. it's been really great fun.

even if i don't go through, i have learned a whole lot from the experience, that's for sure.

have a great day lovelies!

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Monday, 18 August 2014

bumper bundles of joy!

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i am blogging all the way from county galway in ireland! we are here staying with family for a few days and relaxing a little. i of course am still busily working away on stuff whilst my hubby climbs hills, but i'm still making plenty of time for sitting still, going for meals, visiting relatives and attending music festivals!

my goals for this week are to complete my upcoming e-course "living more intentionally" and to draw some portraits of family members.

i'm also busily practicing some piano music for new students i will be teaching when i return home.

not too ambitious a set of goals, i hope?!

anyhoo, i got to thinking about my ecourse and ebook library and was trying to think of some great value ways i can offer this wisdom and knowledge to more and more people. i am so proud of all of the works i have written, and i truly believe they can change your outlook and your life. but if they are financially out of reach for some people, then they aren't able to do what they need to do in this world.

not long after those thoughts - the bundle was born!

my first bundle (see the above picture) is an e-course and e-book bundle offer. you get full access to two of my ecourses "journal with purpose" & "creativity can heal your soul" plus my ebook "never let anyone dull your sparkle". the combined full price value of these is £110. they are on offer as a super value bundle for only £50. which is less than half price!

here are some testimonials from previous and current e-course students, to help you decide if these might be for you:

"I really relate to all you say Sarah about creativity helping you overcome depression, it has been so vital for me."

"When I went inward, the words I got from my heart were 'love', 'share' and 'dreams'."

"I am learning to share my gifts and pursue my dreams, so I'm really happy that my heart agrees with me on this."

"You are an inspiration!"

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"You are my creativity guru!"

you can purchase this gorgeously good value bundle right here. there are only 10 of these bundles listed, so be sure you don't miss out on this wonderful offer.

the second bundle offer i dreamed up was a bundle of my ebooks, all combined together.

this bundle contains 8 ebooks altogether (my entire library) and it's combined total value is £115! in this offer you will be getting your hands on all of the ebooks listed below for only £50! again, less than half price.

here's what's included:

a trio of helpful mini ebooks - "finding the time" "in my view" and "creating space at work".
monday mantras - an inspirational ebook full of mantras and playsheets to bring more mojo to your mondays.
the wisdom of cats - feline inspired words of wisdom and advice.
blogging with blogger - a step by step guide to creating the perfect blog (not just for blogger users!)
never let anyone dull your sparkle - a gorgeous guide to living a more sparkly and fulfilled life.
a pocket full of podcasts - a gorgeous set of inspirational spoken words, playsheet and inspirational writing.

here are some reviews of my ebooks, just to help you decide if this bundle might be the right thing for you:

"Sweet and Useful: full of lovely pick you up sayings."

"Loved this EBook! It's the perfect thing to slow my brain and get me grounded before I start the hectic pace of the day."

"Love the EBook, it's filled with inspirational thoughts, ideas and reminders of how much joy is really around us. I love the questions in there that really made me think about my life, how I view it and what I really want out of it. Very thought provoking."

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have a fantastic day lovelies - stay inspired!

Friday, 15 August 2014

freebie friday

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever you may be. 

it's that time of the week again - time for freebie friday!

today i am sharing another art print made from one of my make it in design summer school briefs.

you might have noticed this pink flamingo kitty taxi appearing on my blog and website too ;)

as always, all you need to do is click on the picture above. you'll then be able to view, download and save the picture for your very own. i would recommend printing onto photo paper or canvas paper and framing. it would be super cute in a kids bedroom, no?

have a fantastic friday and a wonderful weekend people!

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

etsy for absolute beginners: tags

hey there lovelies and a very happy thursday to you, wherever you may be.

today i wanted to share the next in my v-logging series "etsy for absolute beginners". today i am talking about the importance of tags and how best to use them.


as always, if you have any requests for future etsy beginner tutorials, let me know in the comments!

have a fantastic day lovelies

ps. do you remember this survey? well, the deadline is friday 15th august. click on the picture below to fill it in (2 minutes maximum - promise!) and be entered to win the free ecourse prize!