Monday, 11 February 2013

29 Faces - It's All About Art

Shine Brightly From Your Heart print available here.

Hey there lovely people and Happy Monday evening to you! I really wanted to share a little but of extra art with you here on the blog. I have been participating in lots of different art linkups and challenges lately (you can view and add to my parties page here). I am loving Create Every Day and Sunday Sketches at the moment. I have also signed up to 29 Faces. Wherein I try to create 29 faces in 28 days. Now, my girls faces are purposely blank (because I like them that way) so I'm not sure if I'm not cheating here. I have however, added a whole load of new faces to my gallery of artwork. I really wanted to share them with you here too.

Blue Hearted Girl Art Print.

Angelic Thoughts in a Swirl Art Print.

Bubblegum Thoughts Art Print.

Leaves in Her Hair Art Print.

Heartfelt Thoughts Art Print. (OK - definitely no face here but there is a lovely plait!)

Pink At Heart Art Print.

Purple Girl Art Print.

Thoughts Have Wings Art Print.
Stars in Her Eyes Art Print.

Did I mention before that I love my new pro-markers? Cos I do. Just the first of many creative days during my half term week away from work. Yay!!


Carol L McKenna said...

Oh love your art work style ~ it is so charming and elegant ~ wonderful!

Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

janice smith said...

Oh, I love these beautiful girls! It is amazing to me how much you can express simply with gesture and body language. Facial features are highly over-rated. Sarah, thank you for following my blog. I am happy to follow you back. Can't wait to see more of your lovely work!

illustration poetry said...

It is always such a treat to see such creativity!
I have heard about Sunday Sketches and have always wanted to participate in it but couldn't come up with anything creative :/

Loving your art prints ♥


illustration poetry said...



Robin Sample said...

Lovely faces! Your art is charming!

Tori Beveridge said...

I love your blank faces. They speak words to me.

Tori xo

Tracey Fletcher King said...

lovely work... I like how your style is so evident but each piece is different...xx

Ritu Dua said...

Amazing faces !! I love your style ...and the colors are so happy and cheerful too !!

La Abela said...

Have an incredible capacity for work, each work is different but you get to be yours. Saludos

EVA said...

What a fun assortment of girls! Lovely.

Giggles said...

Great variety in your fun!

Hugs Giggles

Lynn Cohen said...

Fun group of girls!

Linda said...

these are the most charming girls-love em!!

Kim said...

Love your girls, how fun! HPPF!