Wednesday, 12 February 2014

around here lately ...

musical ebook planning

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever in the world you may be. i hope you are happy and well, and managing through the cold and wet weather. hibernation is starting to seem like a realistic option at the moment, isn't it?!

i thought i'd share some scenes from my life lately. for those of you who don't know, i have recently begun to teach private music lessons from my home. this has meant a flurry of advertising, lots of phone calls from prospective students and lessons starting to happen regularly. yay! it has also meant a few trips to the loft for mhi to recover some of my music resources, which have been been lying unused for quite a while.

this led me to looking through all of my lesson plans and resources, sorting through files and making sure i had everything i needed.

i found that i had lots of resources i had completely forgotten about! and some unfinished business/dream projects i had previously given up on. let me explain ...

musical ebook planning

back when i graduated from the royal scottish academy of music i gained a few trombone students (quite naturally, as trombone was one of the instruments i studied). i began to compile lots of resources and information that would be useful for students wishing to learn the trombone. pieces of music, guides on caring for the trombone etc. as i collated more and more of these resources, i got the idea that i could actually publish a beginner's guide to the trombone. i contacted publishers to see whether they would be interested, but didn't get a positive response. they already had resources for beginner trombone they said. thanks anyway. so i shelved it and forgot about it. until now that is.

musical ebook planning

i spent the weekend organising and scanning the work i had done and have begun to compile it into a beginner's guide to the trombone ebook! i figure there might be people who live perhaps too far from any local teachers who want to learn, or people for whom private lessons might be prohibitively expensive who would love an ebook like this.   

musical ebook planning

this seemed like a natural choice to me, and really all the hard work (arranging music, preparing guides etc) had already been done all those years ago. a bit of scanning and formatting and the ebook would be ready to go! i have already begun to compile it, and i'll let you know once it's available.

musical ebook planning

i had a good look through some of my other resources too - guitar information and chord sequences i put together for younger students.

musical ebook planning

some of it might come in handy for mhi - he has a guitar that he is hoping to learn to play and this beginner information is pretty straightforward.

musical ebook planning

i also found a whole series of lessons for recorder players (i haven't played the recorder for years!) that i'd forgotten all about. full of cute tunes and information on the different notes etc.

musical ebook planning

the final section of lessons i found was a whole series of lessons i made for the piano/keyboard. these i also plan to turn into a beginner's ebook. they are all scanned and just need to be formatted and collated. i figure there must be lots of people who have a piano in their homes which serves as an ornament at the moment but could become much more. homeshoolers too - they might be interested in a simple straightforward way to teach themselves and their children the basics of music. again, i will let you know once that project is completed and available.

organising my music room

i also spent some time organising my music room. finding a place for my new cd player, tuning mhi's guitar (for the 100th time!) and just generally making it seem warm and inviting for my students.

lots of practice

then it was practice time! piano practice and flugel horn practice is a daily occurrence here, and i must say i am really enjoying this at the moment. it feels good to be being musical once more.

lots of practice

here is my lovely flugel horn - a birthday gift from mhi. i am working hard on getting my lip flexibility and strength up at the moment (as previously i hadn't played for quite a while) and playing with the sweetest sound possible, using hymn tunes.

so, it's a musical life for me at the moment and i'm loving it!

what have you been up to lately? i'd love to know :)

have a great day people!

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Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

It's wonderful that you can play so many instruments! And turning that into a profitable business is icing on the cake!
My daughter who plays guitar and violin, writes music, and has a band is the only musician in my immediate family -- well, my hubby does play about three songs on the piano!
Good luck with your teaching!

Natashalh said...

So cool! I never would have guessed you know trombone.Good luck with getting the guide together!