Tuesday, 11 February 2014

repurposing a used canvas with new techniques

my first mixed media canvas

hey there lovelies and a very happy tuesday to you. i hope you are well, wherever in the world you may be. today i wanted to share a canvas art project with you. above you can see my very first mixed media canvas! it is cute enough but not ultimately my best work. i have photos and scans of it, so i feel safe enough to re-purpose the canvas and see whether i could make something cuter with it.

i am really looking forward to starting the kelly rae roberts hello soul, hello mantras e-course soon, so i thought i'd get some collaging and layering practice in before class begins on the 24th. here's what i did - this is the first stage of the canvas and it's transformation.

lovely papers

i started by fishing out some of my paper stash - some of which i have already used with my slice machine (but this has left me with some interesting outlines) and some i had there pristine and ready to be used. the oriental papers on the top of the pile there are from wholeport.

oriental style papers

i also found these lovely designs in my stash from wholeport that i hadn't even noticed before - aren't they gorgeous papers? such oriental looking patterns and really gorgeous colours and quality.

cut into scraps

i cut up my selected papers into similar sized shapes (in not too exact a fashion) ready to be collaged. you can see some heart outlines there in pink. they were part of the papers i had originally used with my slice machine. i thought they'd look interesting collaged as little windows to the layers below.

the gesso process begins

the collaging process has begun! i added my hearts over the manuscript already collaged there, with the chalked and glittered manuscript poking through. i love the way this looks.

the canvas drying in the sun

here is the finished collage, drying in the sun. this isn't the final stage of the canvas. it's just the first layer. i plan to add a layer of paint, some ink, some stamping maybe. the possibilities are endless! i also have some new stencils to try out too - i can't wait to get started with those :)

what would you do next, if this canvas was yours? i'd love to know.

have a great day people!

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Virginie Lykins said...

Love the little cat family !

Liz Williams said...

Lovely first layer! I have a ton of half-started canvases that I never got around to finishing, and I may have to do a project like this to re-purpose them!