Thursday, 31 July 2014

loving living the creative life

hey there lovelies and a very happy thursday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share some snapshots from my life and some of my latest creative adventures with you. of course, i had to start this post with a cute picture of one of my kitties.

i found darla like this on top of my piano, tucked in behind the stand with her head rested on my appointment book. bless!

anyhoo - i have been parceling up and creating custom orders for my etsy store lately. this lady loved this print but wanted it without the hearts in the original design. done, and done!

stamping up the new print, ready to frame.

here it is all framed and ready to go! i love creating gifts for people and sending them out into the world.

here are some shots from my recent art workshop too. this is the before shot - so much equipment set up and ready to go.

and here it is mid-creation. me and my workshop ladies having a fantastic time!

creating up a storm too. here are some first layers shots.

collaging and painting and oh my!

their quoted canvasses really came together!

they were all so different too!

i was so impressed by how quickly everyone took to the idea of being free with their paintings and just letting go. they really rocked it!

i was astounded by just how different everyone's work looked. it was awesome! i love this one - so very pretty!

i hope you enjoyed this little peek into my creative life lately. if you'd like to know more about how you can access some creativity sessions with me you can check out all of the details on my lessons page. creativity coaching is also part of the cgs sign up - every sister gets two sessions with me as part of their membership. you can find out more about the sisterhood here.

have a fantastic day people!

ps. stay tuned to find out more about that free mini ecourse i mentioned yesterday - it's all part of the "creativity can heal your soul" course extravaganza! the full course will be released very soon at a great discount, PLUS there will be a free mini version available too! you will find out more very soon :)


Memories for Life said...

Awww....Darla looks so cute using your planner as a pillow :)
Your class looks so fun. And your students did a great job! Love their pieces.

Melissa said...

Love your cat pictures! And your class looks lovely! Very fun and relaxing I'm sure.

I love getting a peek at your orders too...custom is super fun, right?!

pasqueflower said...

Your custom order turned out GREAT! And the workshop participants look like they are having a wonderful time!!

LanasArtStudio said...

I used to teach workshops a lot and I always admire people creativity and inspiration sharing with each other! Lovely custom order! kudos!