Tuesday, 5 August 2014

creativity by design

hey lovelies and a very happy tuesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some of my first design ideas for the make it in design summer school challenge.

i entered for this a few months ago and the challenge has just begun. i have until 8th august to submit my final two designs for consideration.

so far, i have been enjoying the challenge of having to create to a specific brief. mostly i spend my time creating whatever i feel like! so, the idea of a specific design brief was a new thing to me.

it has gotten me thinking in different directions than usual and exploring different colour schemes to the ones i would normally pick.

the theme for the challenge is tropical and i set about thinking of ways to bring myself into the design.

of course my first thought was to include some kitties in my designs! tropical kitties! in the above colllage you can see a work in progress. i created a scene of a kitty shading under palm tree on a desert island. i used watercolour pencils, pitt pens, watercolour crayons and pro markers to create all of the designs i shared today.

for this next work in progress, i came over all mermaidy! mermaids are tropical, right?! it was a way to include one of my faceless girls into the design brief.

i am not sure how important that is - but i feel that for my first ever design project i wanted to try that - using my own unique design ideas and adapting them to fit the brief.

only time will tell if that tactic pays off!

i have a few more designs up my sleeve (and a ton of photoshop editing to do!) but that is where i got to for now.

thanks for letting me share!

i love having so much creativity in my life and it is my greatest wish to share that love of creativity with you, lovelies!

with that in mind, i wanted to share with you lesson 2 of my FREE mini e-course "creativity can heal your soul". i created this free version as a celebration of the launch of my full e-course (available at half price until monday 11th august).

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have a fantastic day lovelies!

ps. feel free to share your creative projects with me via the free facebook community :)