Wednesday, 6 August 2014

creativity in business

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be.

today i wanted to share some thoughts on creativity in business and how best to nurture your creative side whilst running a successful biz and enjoying the process!

we have just clicked over to august and i wanted to make sure i shared my process with you all whilst it's still clear in my mind.

here's how i go about setting my intentions each month and how i plan for reaching my goals and targets.

first of all, i sit down with my amazing biz and life wall calendar and tick off what i managed to achieve last month. this month i was able to tick off every single thing plus adding on an extra thing that i didn't think i would get finished! result!

then i look at the coming month and think of what i want to achieve. i choose a word or feeling for the month at this stage too - this month i am focusing on clarity.

i write down all of my to-do's (love this bit) and write in any non-negotiables onto the calendar (lessons, workshop dates etc).

then i hang it on my wall above my desk so i can see it often, whilst i am working and creating.

next i take out my magic money making kit and work through the numbers. i set myself an income goal and brainstorm ways to reach that (cgs subscriptions, etsy sales etc). i then work out ways i can make those sales happen - what to share via my blog/social media etc. at this stage i also write out these goals on little post it's i can stick into my diary so i can have them with me wherever i go.

at the beginning of every month i also research the best herbs, crystals and colours to use for my monthly altar. i find this is a really great way to copper-fasten my resolve and really get myself into the mindset of success and achieving.

for august i set my altar intention as luck, wisdom and clarity. i want to be clear of my goals, clear of my offerings and clear of my message to send out into the world. i begin my magical month by burning some sage at my altar, to cleanse and purify the space.

once i have all of these intentions set i feel rejuvenated - it feels like a whole new year (never mind a new month!) and the slate is well an truly clean.

any disappointments from the previous month are set aside and my plan of action for the current month is truly set in motion.

i really love these rituals. i feel they help keep me focussed and on track.

i think using these (slightly kooky!) tools as part of my creative biz i am able to feel much more arty and much less corporate. i love that. i am still setting goals for my biz, but not in a grey suit kind of way.

yay for colour and creativity!

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have a fantastic day lovelies!

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Blanca Hoffman said...

That’s true. In running a business, creativity is really a must. This will keep you in a positive mood that can boost your productivity while planning for a strategy that will help your business grow. And reading your post, it’s definitely working just fine. It’s a wise move that you use social media and a blog for your business as well. It’s a huge advantage, because it widens the scope of your audience.

Blanca Hoffman @ Marketing theProduct